Acctim 36248 Hamilton Mantel Clock, Brass Effect

Product Features Brass effect polished case Floating effect metal dial Glass lens Metal hands Dimensions H.W.L 137 x 155 x 68mm

Product Features

  • polished case
  • Floating effect dial
  • Glass lens
  • Metal hands
  • Dimensions H.W.L 137 x 155 x 68mm


SCS says:

Lovely Addition To My Sitting Room This is a lovely clock. Just the right size for my sitting room. The dial is clear and easy to read even without my glasses on. The dial is 9.5cm in diameter and the casement is 14cm wide sitting on a 15cm plinth. It sits 14cm high so looks a perfect square. I was pleasantly surprised by the weight of the clock. I knew it was brass effect so was expecting it to be light plastic, but this clock is made from metal and reminds me of the solid weight we used to expect clocks to be before they…

Mrs Sugar says:

This is a super little clock This is a super little clock. Just perfect for my mantle piece and fits under my mirror just right. The face can be seen from across a large living room and is now a firm fixture. Battery still going strong now 9 months. I love it. Fab buy. Looks very nice quality too.

D Offiler says:

Perfect time(piece) After about a month, keeping good time; the clock face is easily read (no interfering window reflections, for instance) and the size and style is just right for our mantelpiece. The second hand does tick, but its only audible in a dead quiet room and is ‘reassuring’ rather than ‘annoying’ (YMMV!).

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