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Description: This sunrise & sunset simulator alarm clock is an upgraded version of the previous electronic led digital wake up alarm clock. ●PLEASE NOTE: ❤1.There are 7 sounds totally. Sounds(1-6) are natural sounds, such as birds, wave. The sounds of 7 is Radio. The last listened Radio will be as waking sound. ❤2.Please put 3


This sunrise & simulator alarm clock is an upgraded version of the previous electronic led digital wake up alarm clock.


❤1.There are 7 totally. Sounds(1-6) are sounds, such as birds, wave. The sounds of 7 is Radio. The last listened Radio will be as waking sound.

❤2.Please put 3 AAA batteries into the wake up light,in order to keep the time’s continious.Because settings need to reset every time if cut off the charger.

     ※ Power supply: ● DC5V; ●micro USB cable (included); ●3 x AAA batteries (not included).

     ※ Material: ABS & PC

     ※ Dimension: 170x170x66mm

     ※ Weight: about470G


     ※ Sunrise simulation wake-up light wakes you up gradually before 30 minutes

     ※ Sunset feature: lamp dims gradually and shuts off after 30 minutes

     ※ 6 natural sounds and FM radio can be selected as alarm sound

     ※ Bed lamp in white color and multi-color. Touch to control the lamp (to change the light brightness or select color)

     ※ LED time display in 12 or 24 hours mode

Package Including:

    1 x Sunrise Simulator Alarm Clock

    1 x DV 5V Charger

    1 x USB Cable

    1 x Antenna

Product Features

  • ❤GENTLY WAKE UP: The wake up light alarm clock comes with SUNRISE & SUNSET MODE. In sunrise mode, wake up light will brighten gradually from 1% to 100% during 30 minutes before the alarm time.
  • ❤LED 7 & ADJUSTABLE BRIGHTNESS: Hotweild wake up lights adopt special 7 colors design(Warm white, green, red, blue, yellow, purple, light blue can be selected) LED colored mood light create fascinating atmosphere. Besides, the warm white LED comes with 10 brightness settings(other 6 colors are not adjustable). Battery back up only support the time and alarm functions.
  • ❤6 NATURAL SOUNDS & FM RADIO: Hotweild alarm clock has 7 sounds can be selected, which including 6 natural sounds(such as frogs, water sounds, birds, waves etc.) and FM radio sound. The natural sounds makes you feel in the nature and wake you up gently at mean time the alarm clock has snooze mode, you can continue your sweet dreams. FM radio mode frequency is from 88-108mHZ, which covers more than 40 channels.
  • ❤UNIQUE QUALITY & DESIGN: Hotweild alarm clock built-in 9 warm white LED and 9 RGB LED, except excellent quality hotweild also adopt intimate charging design, which has three convenient way: Micro USB, Plug and 3*AAA battery(not include). PS: when you use batteries, the light will not on. The manual book offers all operation details.
  • ❤FREE RISK: Hotweild offers all the valuable customers 1 year warranty(Since purchase date). This hotweild wake up light alarm clock comes with alarm clock, besides lamp, night&atmosphere light and FM radio, which is the unique choice as gift to your lover, family or friends in unique days(such as Christmas, Birthday and Valentine’s Day etc.)
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ClockworkSatan says:

Helps to sleep and wake me up! If there’s one thing in life that I totally despise, it’s the act of having to get up early every morning to go to work. Granted, this act has got easier as I’ve got older, but it’s still not something I take any pleasure in at all; having to drag myself out of bed, bleary-eyed and barely conscious and then having to face the task of the commute to work.I’ve looked at various things to make this easier; getting to bed earlier in the evening, not looking at ‘blue’ light on computer…

missy_g says:

I love my clock Great service, the clock arrived the day after I placed the order. I love this clock even with it’s minor flaws. So let’s get them out the way first so I can tell you about its good points. It’s not DAB! The alarm is a tad too loud on the lowest setting! And finally, volume is on a circular setting so you have to higher it to the max if you want to lower it down. What I love is the main light, and the coloured lights. The radio has really good sound quality. Its light touch sensative so no…

Philafixit says:

A good poduct completely spoiled by dreadful usability Pros: radio and lamp function work greatCons.A real dogs breakfast of design. Cant see the time whilst the radio is on. -So, wake up to radio alarm. -Then cant see what time it is !Buttons are touch sensitive. The lightest brush with a finger activates..There is NO tactility or feel. OK, except snooze button is dead centre to the others. Touching any other button other than snooze cancels the alarm completely, thus no good for those early-morning fumbles or for anyone that…

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