Anvenor 28cm Tower Decorated Stick Holder – ...

Product Features Smooth design Natural stone ideal for collection of incense ash ideal for indor and outdoor use ethically produced 0/5 (0 Reviews)

Product Features

  • Smooth design
  • stone
  • ideal for of incense ash
  • ideal for indor and outdoor use
  • ethically produced
0/5 (0 Reviews)


Peskie says:

Lovely looking solid ornamental incense holder Love this elegant looking incense holder, very subtle looking and looks good just for decoration.As another reviewer mentioned the hole for the stick is a little large to hold the incense up, but this can easily be fixed by breaking a little off the wood end of the incense and packing the hole. It’s better to have it too large than not large enough as I’m sure not all incense sticks have the same dimensions.

Vectis Hams says:

Gorgeous It’s beautiful and works well. I can use cones and sticks in it which is great. I wanted a non-wooden incense holder as the shelf I keep it on is over a heater and the heat warps the wooden ones, so this is ideal. The ones I got were shipped from Germany and the first one arrived broken despite good packaging. The seller was great and sent out a new one speedily which arrived intact.

Trinire says:

Its cool once you figure out how to keep the insense alight At first when I tried to use this, every time I would light the incense, put it in the base put the tower over it and within 10 seconds the incense stick was out. That is because they made the hole that the stick goes into a little too wide, so I used the stick of a second incense to fill the hole and now it works fine. The only other issue is that some of my incense sticks are too tall for the holder, so make sure when you order this you are fully aware of the hight of the holder.

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