Brand New Silver Round ANALOGUE CLOCKS Ideal for ...

– Product Features Silver round analogue clocks ideal for any room in your home, dining room, kitchen, office, school Quartz battery Opera Ted large big digits classic design with white dial. Related

Product Features

  • round clocks ideal for any in your home, dining , kitchen, office, school Quartz battery Opera Ted big digits classic with white dial.


M C Kendall says:

Good timing😉 Ideal clock for hubby’s Mancave, keeps good time (the clock not the man). For the price doubt you could do better.

ajkeuropean says:

Great Value. Great value clock. Looks clean and fresh. However if it is to be a close quarter clock, or used in a relatively quiet environment it is quite a loud tick.But it’s under a fiver!

d f watt says:

Like it. Great clock. Nice and sturdy. Had it up and working for a couple of months now and it keeps time well.

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