clear candle 40w watt small edison screw candle ...

10 x CLEAR CANDLE 40w WATT SMALL EDISON SCREW // SES // E14 LAMP LIGHT BULBS Product Features 10 clear bulbs 40w ses screw Ses/e14 base 0/5 (0 Reviews)


Product Features

  • 10 clear bulbs
  • 40w ses screw
  • Ses/e14 base
0/5 (0 Reviews)


Anonymous says:

DO NOT BUY These lighbulbs are of extremelly poor quality and actually explode a few weeks after use. I was so worried I ended upcalling an electrician to check my light fitting as I was worried about possible fire in the flat. He confirmed that the light fittingswere fine but the lighbulbs were dodgy. I think that Amazon should investigate this seller before someone’s house really getsset on fire by this faulty product.

Anonymous says:

Blow far too quickly – cheap but don’t last. Sorry to say they are rubbish. I had bulbs blow right left and centre. Two arrived dead already. There appears to be a mixture of filaments on the bulbs too. So some are as shown in the picture and others have the glass construction inside – a different build/design. Can also see other people have said there’s an issue too with them blowing quickly. Are these bulbs which did not meet quality standards with the manufacturer? I won’t be buying these again.

Anonymous says:

FIRE HAZARD!!!! Hello….I receieved the light bulbs yesterday and put 2 in my childrens bedroom and to my horror within an hour of them being installed the smoke alarns in the house went off and the electrics short circuited!!!!! Luckily for my children the house fuse box had cut the electric in the whole house as the bulbs were smoking and had blown. Once I had reset the fuse board I took bulbs out to find that they were black! There was a cloud of smoke in my 3yr olds bedroom so I had to move her to…

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