Fox and Simpson Wood Pendulum Wall Clock with ...

Product Features Pendulum Wall Clock Non-Ticking Quartz Movement Westminster Chimes Roman Dial with Tempus Fugit Detailing Dimensions: 66.5cm in Height and 28.5cm in Width 0/5 (0 Reviews)

Product Features

0/5 (0 Reviews)



keeps good time and seems well made This clock seems to be a quality piece of kit. It certainly looks well ,keeps good time and seems well made. Many comments have been madeabout how good it looks. A minor gripe is that I think it could do with a volume control on the chimes as it is a bit loud [ I have solved this witha strip of sellotape over the speaker] All in all a good product that I would recomend

Ralph Stephenson says:

Dont buy this for the chimes. Looks good on the wall, has no tick, though I dont use the chimes it must be pointed out they are awful.

Hazel Davies says:

Four Stars Love this clock looks good the chime is quiet it’s a good clock

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