Geemarc Telecom Sonic Alert Sonic Bomb Junior ...

Product Features Extra loud alarm (80dB) 4 alarm settings Adjustable volume and tone control Red LED display Supplied with a shaker Related

Product Features

  • (80dB)
  • 4 alarm settings
  • Adjustable volume and tone control
  • Red LED
  • Supplied with a shaker


Anonymous says:

Durable and effective Had this for a couple of years now and have always found it wakes me up great. If I’m really worried I might not wake up in time I’ll put the vibrating pad in the draw of my bedside table which makes an incredibly loud jarring noise on top of the alarm; I also put the noise on the highest pitch setting.I’m not exactly super careful with my things and this clock fallen on the floor at least 3 times a week for the past few years and it works like new just with a couple of scratches…

Anonymous says:

A Must for Deaf People This is a must for hard of hearing / deaf people never be late again this thing dose what it says the bed shaker is great under the pillow under mattress not so good but it woke me every time u can’t sleep through this thing east to set 2 brightness settings plus buzzer if it is needed for standard use by a hearing person

Anonymous says:

Alarm clock for the deaf. I have found this clock good as I am deaf now, I find the vibrator under pillow wakes me up in the morning. The only downside is it’s very light, and finding the small turn off button in morning, I felt the snooze button should be what turns it off, would make it easer.

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