Ikea Glimma Candles/Tealights, Pack of 100, White, ...

100 Tea Light Candles Product Features IKEA Glimma Unscented tealight candles 100 per pack Burning time: 4 hr Diameter: 38 mm Paraffin/vegetable wax with aluminium candle cup 0/5 (0 Reviews)

100 Tea Light Candles

Product Features

  • IKEA Unscented candles
  • 100 per
  • Burning time: 4 hr
  • : 38 mm
  • Paraffin/vegetable wax with aluminium candle cup
0/5 (0 Reviews)


smartyfun says:

Light up with traditional tea lights I must have used over one thousand of these IKEA tea light candles over the years, and never had a dud! They normally light first time and produce a small, bright and consistent flame.They are definately unscented and don’t produce any smoke under normal conditions.As they don’t contain any animal ingredients they shouldn’t be a problem for vegetarians, vegans and others with a similar sensitivity.You need to use them sensibly and use your common sense to prevent accidents…

CatsAndBooks says:

Four hour burn time – but they often go out They burn steadily and work well in an essential oil evaporator. Unlike some other brands, they don’t fill the air with a chemical smell.The burning time is just a little over 4 hours, which is good. However, they don’t burn reliably. Very often, they simply go out. The slightest waft of air, or movement of the candle holder, and pfft, the flame is out. I’ve compared this with other tea lights of different brands, and these are indeed unreliable. The metal cups are all…


Light the flame of desire Very nice presentation of a light yet smartly packed item. The tealight/candle when lit burns bright and smoke free. I timed the tealight from ignition to extinguished and found that the length of burn time over 6 tested, these had an average of 4hr 20mins. Even with the flame out I noticed that there was a small amount of wax just out of the reach of the flame thanks to the shape of the small container. I joked with my son that being Scottish we could gather the extra wax from the used…

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