Ivyline TRE25050WH 250/50 mm Advent Tree Pillar ...

Product Features Premium quality On trend Available in different colours Related

Product Features

  • Premium quality
  • On trend
  • Available in different colours


T. R. Hyde says:

Arrived with hidden damage open early! On 31 Dec removed cellophane ready for following day to find the candle has a full thickness crack through the wax at day 15 which leaves the candle wobbly, it’s to late to return the candle. Otherwise the candle is lovely. Still very usable with a little extra care.I would recommend the candle but advise opening the cellophane well before advent so that it can be returned for replacement in good time

Katie says:

Damaged on arrival due to inadequate packaging! Ordered two of these. Both candles damaged on removal of cellophane. Both candles split right across with the top half held to the bottom half just by the wick. Packaging totally inadequate for such an item. Tried to go for the replacement option but this is not possible unless you agree to send the original order back which is pointless for such an item and the low monetary value of the product. Could not be bothered with the hassle of having to send the candles back to warrant a replacement…

Jon says:

Cracked – almost zero packaging As with others who have reviewed this candle it was broken when it came. It had sustained three cracks right through the wax so only the wick was left holding it together. When I took the cellophane off it fell apart. What a shame. More thought on the packaging and it would have been a really good purchase because it would have looked very elegant.

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