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░Mirror Screen LED Alarm Clock░ ☺Large screen with white LED digit display is easy to read. The digital alarm clock is super slim and compact. Its size is almost the same with iPhone 6 Plus. Extremely suitable to place the clock on the bedside or your office table without occupying too much space. Mirror surface

░Mirror Screen LED Alarm Clock░

☺Large screen with white LED digit is easy to read. The digital alarm clock is super slim and compact. Its size is almost the same with iPhone 6 Plus. Extremely suitable to place the clock on the bedside or your table without occupying too much space. Mirror design allows you to regard it as a mirror in daily use.


☛Large Numbers: The 6.5″ digital numbers are in soft light and large enough to see the time in the night from any angle.

☛Loud Alarm Clock: The alarm sound is more pleasant and louder than other alarm clock.

☛Big SNOOZE Button: Simply touching the top touch pad of the clock and go back to sleep, two minutes later the alarm will ring again.

☛Ultra long USB Cable: Come with a 2m USB cable (while others are only 1m), so you have no need to be worry if there is no power plug near the bedroom cabinet.

☛Battery Back-up: Enable to memorize time, alarm and calendar during electric power failures.



Size: 6.2 x 3.3 x 0.5 inches

Net Weight: 4.4oz

Time Display: 12/24 hours system

Battery Backup: 1 x CR2032 Lithium Battery (included)

☺Package Included

1 x LED Digital Alarm Clock

1 x 2m USB Cable

1 x User Manual


✍✍✍100% Satisfaction Guarantee 

We offer a 18-month warranty and friendly customer service. If you ever have any issue with the product, you can contact us for a refund or a replacement.

Product Features

  • ☀【Auto Adjust LED Brightness】 The alarm clock has a professional sensor which can detect the ambient light. When the ambient light is dark, the LED digital brightness will be lowered automatically, to avoid affecting our sleep at night.
  • ☀【Large Screen LED Display & Mirror Design】 Large screen displays the digital very . The screen size of the clock is 15.9cm * 7.8cm and the LED digital size is 12.4cm * 4.8cm. The front LED screen with a mirror design, enable us check the time and check our face at the same time.
  • ☀【Dual USB Charge Ports】 Two USB charging ports on the digital alarm clock allows you to charge two devices at the same time with total 2.1A output. No need to worry about low battery when you play your phone on the bed.
  • ☀【2 Kinds of Placement】The LED alarm clock is designed with two placement methods. It can be placed on the desktop, as a desktop clock. It can also be hung on the wall, as a wall clock.
  • ☀【WARRANTY】All products have a 18-month warranty that begins on the date of purchase. If there are any product quality problems, please feel free to contact our customer service agents for help.
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ws says:

Very sleek and stylish alarm clock – I love it! I can’t stand lights in my bedroom when I’m trying to sleep, so I’ve not had an alarm clock for a few years now, but I was fed up with using my phone as an alarm for various reasons.I had been looking for an alarm clock for a month or so on and off, kind of knowing what features I wanted; but nothing stood out to me until I saw this really cool looking one with its mirror design front.This is probably the most stylish alarm clock I’ve come across, it has a sleek and…

DarrenRachel says:

A good stylish alarm clock. A very good looking clock with lots of functions I particularly like the dimming feature where it dims right down once its dark. Once it has dimmed down it leaves just enough light so you can see in your room if you have to get up in the night. The display font is nice and clear and easy to read. The alarm is just right not to loud but enough to wake you.There are two USB charging slots on the side which can you used for a phone and a tracker watch well thats what I use mine for.

Anthony M. says:

Display screen is so clear I bought this to replace a 15 year old clock radio I have had in my living for a long time now. It fits the bill perfectly; the screen dimension and number display make it so easy to read. I also like the fact in can be a 12 or 24 hour display. The addition of 2 usb ports makes it ideal for charging my mobile and tablet before I go to work too. It is just so clear to look at, I keep it at the highest display setting, but you can turn it down if it’s too much for you.

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