Making Candles: Create 20 decorative candles to ...

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0/5 (0 Reviews)


Essex Shopaholic says:

Fantastic book! This book is fantastic. I have tried a couple of the ideas, and they have worked very well. It’s simple to follow, and is packed full of useful information and advice. As a novice, I couldn’t have chosen a better book to get me started.

Niknaks says:

Brought for a friend but kept it for me!!! Brought this as a gift for a friends birthday after her mentioning that she wanted to have a go at making her own, but after having a sneaky flick through I kept it for myself! Purchased the basics mentioned in the book and yesterday I made my first candle! The Mason glass one, and I have to say I’m very impressed. The book is idiot proof and highlights ability level for each candle so I’d say this book is great for first timers as well as people that have done it before as there are quite a…

Siobhán Kavanagh says:

Love the book Love the book. Have not tried any of the candle making yet, but great pictures and easy to follow instructions. Would recommend.

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