Mr Fox’s Van/Chloe’s Big Friends


Anonymous says:

Not happy I hate Peppa pig! I think she’s a spoilt rude vile little creature! Her brother is a cry baby who gets what he wants with emotional black mail. Not the sort of role models I want for my children. Speaking of my children they love Peppa pig and ordered this season by accident while watching tv. I unfortunately have been unable to get any form of refund or being able to return the product. Note to myself passcodes are now set on my account. Please parents don’t make the same mistake it gets…

Anonymous says:

Same, rude, valueless content as the other 5 seasons, but kids love it!!! Just as arrogant, selfish, annoying, ill-mannered as usual. George is still getting everything he wants and they still undermine daddy pig at every opportunity. But hey kids love it and when they want to watch it on repeat it’s better to have more variation than watch the same, rubbish annoying storylines over and over. Sadly, it was not me that allowed our son to watch this and now he has seen it he wants to watch it all the time, made worse by the fact it comes on with a headline picture on…

Anonymous says:

Fire TV stick has to have ADDITIONAL parental lock controls Come on Amazon – if I have pin lock for purchases on my Prime account, surely this should automatically be transferred to the Fire TV Stick? Paid £2.49 for this crap, rip off!

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