Papstar 17915 Pillar Candles Set of 10 40 x 90 mm ...

Diameter 40 mm 90 mm weiss Stogie Candles Quantity: 40 St Product Features No 0/5 (0 Reviews)

40 mm 90 mm weiss Stogie Quantity: 40 St

Product Features

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0/5 (0 Reviews)


Anonymous says:

The ideal candle for standard lanterns These burn well with a tall, clean flame and give out a lot of light. They are the same width as standard votives, so they fit in tealight holders, but they’re twice as tall at 10cm. Their burn time has been very good so far. They are made of a wax that is not too brittle, so they can easily be fitted to prong-type candle holders without breaking.

Anonymous says:

Very happy. I honestly think these are the best candles I’ve ever purchased. These candles are high quality and they burn absolutely all day they are fantastic and they do not burn uneven. This photo is of one that has been burning all day. Perfect for me. Good quality candle…

Anonymous says:

Quite small but last a while! Would have preferred a few more for the price.None-the-less, still a good purchase and arrived in good time and suitable packaging. Will be perfect for Christmas.

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