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Never wake up on the wrong side of the bed again.What to Look for in a Light Therapy Alarm ClockBrightness settings – The more brightness settings an alarm clock has, the more gradually the light will increase. More than 6 settings for your choice.Design – Functionality aside, design is the look of a round alarm

Never up on the wrong side of the bed again.
What to Look for in a Light Therapy Alarm Clock
Brightness settings – The more brightness settings an alarm clock has, the more gradually the light will increase. More than 6 settings for your choice.
Design – Functionality aside, design is the look of a round alarm clock that mimics the sun. A Compact travel models make “Gentle Light and Alarm Sunrise Clock” easy to take your gadget on the go.
of sunlight
Sunrise Model – Light up gradually like sunrise. Wake you up in a nature way. 8 kinds of nature sounds can be chosen as morning alarm. A relaxing way to wake you up. Makes you full of energy within a whole day!
Sunset Model – Light off gradually like sunset. Creates a hypnotic atmosphere for sleep by gradually lower the Brightness, taking you into sweet dream.
Amazing Snooze Function
Light tough the Snooze Function button when the alarm sounds. It would play again 5 minutes later.
Beside or
10 intensity of Warm White Light, the lamp can be used as Beside light or atmosphere light. Mood Light with 8 Color changing light, which will decorate your room well, making your bedroom warm and comfortable!The non-slip rubber feet provide easy placement anywhere on a nightstand where Sunrise Clock can pull dual-duty as a lamp for reading or relaxing.
FM radio 88-108 mHz
You can listen 40 radio channel max or pure music while you are having breakfast and reading. A best companion in your quiet morning time!
Listening to AUX Devices
This Wake up lamp can be set as a music player. Connect a standard audio cable with 3.5mm plug to headphone or line out jack on your Aux device and other end to the AUX in jack located on the back of the unit.
Valtage:DC5V 2A
Battery:CR2032 (included)
❤【Package Included】
1 x Wake Up Light, 1x Use manual

Product Features

  • ♬Sunrise & Sunset Simulation: Sunrise Simulation Wake up lamp ensures this wake-up light gradually brightens smoothly from 1% to 100% in 15/30 minutes before the alarm time. When alarm sound playing, you can press the snooze button to get an extra 5 minutes of sleep. And the light gradually dims and turns off finally when you set the sunset mode&Activated Sunset simulation.
  • ♬8 Natural Sounds&FM Radio: Work as white noise machine, 8 natural sounds(water, frogs, birds, sea waves and so on). And More than 40 channels could be supported for FM Play. Both of them can be selected to your alarm music or for helping you good sleep! And in Sunset Model, all sounds could be turned off in the same time as the light so you could listen music program to fall asleep without worries of forgetting to turn off.
  • ♬Moods Adjustable Light: Wake Up Lamp can act as an atmosphere lamp by selecting 7 colors for your preferences. Or work as a table lamp with 10 levels dimmable brightness settings in warm light mode to protecting your eyes from hurting.There are 8 moods lights changing including white with 10 brightness levels, green, red, blue, purple, orange, indigo, yellow.You could choose one single color or let it change automatically.
  • ♬3 Charging Methods & Sensitive Touch Keys:AC adapter,USB charging and Battery£¨Button Cell Included £charging 3 ways to charge which so convenient at home or on your trip. With intuitive and easy-to-use touch keys to set time, alarm, light, radio stations, and operate all kind of function.There is also an AUX-IN jack that allows you to listen to music, so you can use it for MP3 players, cell phone, Tablets ,portable music players etc.
  • ►Projector alarm light for poor sleep people: Putting this Sound Therapy Machine in your living room or bedroom, you can set to sunset mode and the wake up light, providing a gradually dimming light that helps you or your baby restful and natural sleep.The intensity of time display can be adjusted to view the time conveniently Besides, it can decorate your bedroom or Baby room with the colorful lights changes.
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Anonymous says:

Nursery light – with sounds

Customer Video Review Length:: 1:27 Mins Both this for our new nursery as a clock/ dimmable light for the baby and to play the nature sounds. Like that its easy to use and was quick/easy to set up. Lots of light options.

Anonymous says:

Amazing! So this is probably like the coolest clock I ever ordered! 12 he or 24 hr clock choice, a relaxing sounds feature which is amazing! You can have a bright white light or multi coloured faded effect. The lights you can control how bright they are and just have it plain simple colours. This clock had a built in alarm, radio, and night mode. A back up battery incase the electric goes meaning your alarm will never fail! I never knew alarm clocks could be so satisfying! I’m glad I ordered this. And…

Anonymous says:

Nice wake up light With the darker mornings setting in I thought I it will be a good idea to use the wake up light to make my mornings more enjoyable so I bought it and it is absolutely worth it. The settings are easy to follow and I just live the natural sounds plus it is nice that I can just listen to radio while I get ready for work :)It won’t necessarily make getting out of bed any easier but you wake up feeling less startled by a traditional alarm and feel like you are more with it in the dark…

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