Prices 250 x 8 Altar Candle

Prices 250 x 80 Altar Candle Product Features Candle Height : 250 mm Candle Diameter : 80 mm Burn Time : 125 hours 0/5 (0 Reviews)

250 x 80

Product Features

0/5 (0 Reviews)


Mayke says:

Better than most other large church candles These are definitely ones I’d buy again. None of the large church candles burn all the wax down cleanly, and you always have to do some trimming. But whereas with a Bolsius candle, to name another higher-end brand, you end up trimming nearly half the wax off because otherwise it will start leaking, the Prices ones burn more or less down themselves without leaking, even if you don’t trim them. In short, you get a lot more hours per candle.However, I wish someone would invent a large church…

Mrs McG says:

Quality Plain Candles The second order of prices alter candles this Christmas. They are reasonably priced and burn evenly with minimal dripping. Great candles

R. H. Fyffe says:

Quality A great quality candle that burns cleanly and lasts as long as they advertise. Forget the cheap copies and buy something that will not leave huge pools of wax everywhere as it burns for a fraction of the advertised time.

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