Auction Description Product Features 50 Ivory Dinner Candles Up to 8 Hours burn time 25cm length 0/5 (0 Reviews)

Auction Description

Product Features

0/5 (0 Reviews)


LesleyinCity says:

Exploding wax! I have contacted the supplier as the first 3 candles I used exploded, I heard a pop and wax shot upwards and outwards. Falling on my rug, fireplace and mirror. Could have been a disaster if the kids where nearby.I have contact supplier with photographs, had a reply to say they had passed onto management, but have had no contact since. This was about ten days ago.I am not at all happy and do not recommend this supplier

Emma Law says:

Fantastic Candles – exceptional delivery I love these candles. Especially at Christmas, they are really beautiful and to have a big box on hand gives me one less thing to worry about running out of. what was particularly impressive was that I ordered a new box on Saturday evening and they were at my door on Sunday morning before I had got out of my pyjamas! really cool

steamwoman says:

Good Good price, candles do not drip and burn evenly and do not smoke while burning. For the price…excellent value, will buy again.

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