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Prices Sentinel Night / Tea Lights – Bag Of 50 Product Features Candle Height : 24 mm Candle Diameter : 38 mm Burn Time : 8 hours

Night / Tea Lights – Bag Of 50

Product Features


Anonymous says:

Actually go for 8 hours! Well, color me impressed. Weirdo in me actually put these against a timer during the day as the candle’s burn while in my study at home. These actually lasted 8 hours when testing 4 of them, with 1 going over 9 hours!The candles themselves do arrive loose in a bag, so unlike IKEA’s nice packaging which stack on above the other, these candles will have wax on the metal holder. Aside from that, they work as one would expect. They are filled to the very brim however, so for the first…

Anonymous says:

Expensive, but economical long term and they do actually burn for 8 hours Quite happy with these. And they do actually burn for 8 hours! I timed them. I have found with other brands that claim they are 8 hours, only burn for 5 hours if that. The wax does exceed the top of the tin, but this has not caused any dripping. I would use again, but a bit expensive for tea lights. But you get what you pay for in terms of quality and burn time. So probably more economical than buying cheap ones that don’t burn for very long.

Anonymous says:

They burn like they say ! Prices candles are the top of the chain. You do get what you pay for with candles !! Some of the cheaper supermarket tea lights funnel, they burn a whole in the middle leaving an edge of wax, thus causing the teal light to go out faster. 4 hours burning ? yea right!These however is a different story, i clocked one candle at just under 8 hours of time, so literally theyre roughly correct !!They dont have a smell to them no, however if you want a tea light to burn for the right amount…

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