Self-inflatable Seat Cushion Thermal Cushion ...

0/5 (0 Reviews)

0/5 (0 Reviews)


Colin says:

Ok – but only for a week! The cushion worked well to start with – after the extended delivery time (from Germany ?)However after one weeks carefull use, it developed a leak and failed to stay inflated. This was whilst I was abroad and needing it for the flight home ! Once home I quickly found air leaking from the main fabric panel – bubbles issuing when submerged.The panel material feels quite thin and doesn’t surprise me that a pin hole could develop.Cannot recommend the cushion – fabric too flimsy in…

Rohon says:

Helps manage back pain Bought for someone tall and slim with a bad back. He takes it everywhere now as it makes a real difference to how long he can sit on otherwise uncomfortable seats.It rolls up neatly into the carry case so easy to take around

Jewel says:

Brilliant. Comfortable and convenient. Brilliant for a trip to Bhutan for sitting on cold floor in temples. Packs up small. Lightweight. Inflates in seconds. Highly recommended.

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