Sixteen Candles

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0/5 (0 Reviews)


Legal Vampire says:

Molly Ringwald good & charming but it is ‘The Breakfast Club’ you really need to see ‘Sixteen Candles’ is the first of about three 1980s comedies about school-aged teenagers to be written and directed by John Hughes and to star Molly Ringwald, although the characters and plots are not related. While not a bad film, this is nowhere near as good as ‘The Breakfast Club’, which they made together the following year.‘Sixteen Candles’ is a more ordinary comedy about teenagers. It is about one day (actually her 16th birthday) in the life of Samantha, an American…

Amazon Customer says:

Perfect for any fan of 80s coming of age films If you’re into 80s coming of age romantic films, this is a must. Great cast and loved the film

Arash Farmanfarmaian says:

And my daughter loved it. Reminded me of my own childhood. And my daughter loved it.

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