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Product ParametersProduct model: EL – WU – 002Type of lamp: LEDThe number of bulbs: 27 (white 18, colorful 9).Light: 360lmIllumination: 110LUXPower supply mode: DC 5V/2AWhole lamp power: 1.62WButton battery: CR2032 voltage 3V, power 0.63W, capacity 210mAhPackage size: 18.4*18.4*11.8cmproduct weight: 0.3KG Features:1.Touch Key Control,Easy Operation2.Wake up light:the light strength will enhanced smoothly ahead of the alarm

Product Parameters
Product model: EL – WU – 002
Type of : LED
The number of bulbs: 27 (white 18, colorful 9).
Light: 360lm
Illumination: 110LUX
Power supply mode: DC 5V/2A
Whole lamp power: 1.62W
Button battery: CR2032 voltage 3V, power 0.63W, capacity 210mAh
Package size: 18.4*18.4*11.8cm
product weight: 0.3KG

1. Key ,Easy Operation
2.Wake up light:the light strength will enhanced smoothly ahead of the alarm by 0/15/30/OFF minutes
3.Sleep therapy light to help heavy sleepers,the light 0/15/30/45/60/75/90 minutes after presetting
4.White Noise Sound
5.PLL FM ,Radio can preset 18 stations
6.Mood Light with 7 Color changing light
7.8 kind of nature sounds:flowing water,ocean,birdsong,crickets and so on…
8.Wake up by radio,nature sound or alarm music with wake-up light
9. USB Charging Function
10. Aux in function for speaker
11.Time and Date with alarm function
12.Snooze function
13. LCD brightness Adjustable

1.Sunrise & Simulation: This wake up light alarm clock will lights up 30 min before your set time, gradually brighten from 1% to 100% to bring you out of deep sleep. Also, you can set up time to have the lamp dim down within 15/30/45/60/75/90 minutes, makes you relax to fall asleep naturally and take you into the sweet dreamland.
2.7 COLOR LIGHTS & ADJUSTABLE BRIGHTNESS: 7 optional colors can act as an atmosphere lamp! Select the one that perfectly matches your room style. It can also work as a bedside lamp with 10 adjustable brightness in warm and more dimmer light mode to protect your eyes while reading or relaxing at night.
3.8 NATURAL SOUNDS & FM RADIO: Sunrise alarm clock has 8 natural sounds/FM radio, you can choose to be waken up by a favorite sound or FM radio channel. Selecting high volume is a good option for heavy sleepers.
4.Where You Need: Bedroom, the wake up light worked as bedside lamp and alarm clock; Kid

Product Features

  • 🌅【Sunrise Simulation】The special design for the Wake up light alarm clock is the Sunrise Sunset Simulation. 15/30 minutes before your alarm rings, the light would gradually light up from 10% to 100% brightness and gently wake you up from deep sleep, and makes you feel energetic at the start of your day.
  • ⛺【Sleeping Lamp】This electronic clock can be also used as a Sleeping Lamp which helps you better fall in sleep by providing soft color temperature red light. Touch the Sleeping pattern key, the red light will on and you can set timer for 15-90 mins(ever 15mins) when the light will off automatically.
  • ⏰【11 Alarm Sounds & Snooze Function】There are 11 kinds of alarm sounds for chosen with this alarm clock, including Bird’s singing, sounds of wave, pure music & even FM radio! Imagine the comfort pictures that being waken up by the sounds of nature instead of boring morning alarm. What’s more, if you want more sleep you can use the snooze function which giving your 5 extra minutes of sleep by lightly touch the button.
  • 🌈【8 Colors of Lights & Adjustable Brightness】This wake up light can not only be used as alarm clock but also a bedside lamp and atmosphere light. There are 7 particular Colors for chosen. Under warm white model, the Brightness of the light is adjustable from 1 to 6 levels. When chosen color changing pattern, the color of the light would automatically changing, and also you can choose a particular color. Ideals product for bedtime and party.
  • 📻【FM Function & Warranty】Can you imagine this wake up light alarm clock can be used as a Radio? You can easily turn on the FM radio function, which can scan and save up to 18 radio channels MAX automatically, and enables you to enjoy the radio show and relax yourself in you breakfast time. We offer 1 year warranty for all valuable customers. If there any issues about this product, please feel free to contact us for refund or replacement, we’ll get it resolved asap.
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Anonymous says:

Best alarm I have purchased. I received this Wake-up alarm well packaged and on time.This has to be the best alarm I have ever bought, it’s not just an alarm, it’s a light and radio that we can use at any time. There are 7 colours to choose from, different brightness. 6 sounds and radio.In the box there is the alarm, instructions, a plug and USB. The alarm can be plugged in or you can put 2 AAA batteries in (Not included). The USB cable is short but long enough that it sits on my side table without me…

Anonymous says:

A great piece to have!

Customer Video Review Length:: 2:24 Mins Great light and radio, well is a combo of everything since it’s actually:- a Light (that can change colours)- a wake up light (alarm clock with a light to simulate the morning)- a radio- a great decor piece!I love to have different things at home, and this one made a great statement at my home.Check my video that I made when i received it.

Anonymous says:

Fantastic product I ordered this alarm clock for my bedroom. I loved the fact that it had lights on so I could also use it as a night light for my baby. The item arrived quickly and was well packaged. This clock not only has a variety of colours that can be used for the night light option but also has a sunrise feature meaning the light will gradually get brighter as the alarm time gets closer giving you a more natural wake up than just a beeping alarm. I love this feature! It also has fm radio and I found in…

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