WILD TUSCAN FIG – Shearer Scented Candles ...

0/5 (0 Reviews)

0/5 (0 Reviews)


pierre elie says:

sweet and mellow subtle fragance and yet persistent. the fruit is in the room, everywhere. Extinguishing the flame doesn’t produce produce any other smell

2daRaphael says:

Scent is too weak This is the second candle from this manufacturer and while there was nothing wrong with the first, frankincense and myrrh, there are two problems with this. The major one is in the title of this review. The other is that it doesn’t burn and melt the wax well. The flame looked like it was going to go out, so I poured some of the melted wax into the garbage – maybe three times. There is a circular “wall” about half a centimeter wide all around the inside of the tin that doesn’t melt, so I predict…

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