Woody lodge fairy house incense burner


Anonymous says:

Lovely faerie house – but as it stands, not fit for purpose Beautiful cone burner – except that it doesn’t burn the cones you put in them. Not enough air gets into it. I’ve had to drill a few holes (in a decorative pattern) at the back of this wee faerie house to make it work properly. But I love the design so much, I’ll still give it three stars.So, if you don’t want to grab your cordless drill to make it fit for purpose, maybe you should look for another style.

Anonymous says:

Charming This is a delightful incense cone burnerIt looks really good with the smoke drifting out of the chimneyIt is pleasing to look at whether in use as a burner or notWhen burning a cone I place a small metal cone disc ash catcher inside

Anonymous says:

Great product I love this! It looks pretty and detailed even before you use it. Looks great when in use.

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