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5 Mixed Yankee Candle Votive Samplers. Product Features Burn Time: 15 Hours per Votive 0/5 (0 Reviews)

5 Mixed Votive Samplers.

Product Features

  • Burn Time: 15 Hours per Votive
0/5 (0 Reviews)


Joanna says:

Lovely selection! The Yankee Candles I got were…Aloe WaterSoft BlanketFresh Cut RosesVanilla LimeLemon LavenderMy SerenityGarden Sweet PeaWild FigBlack Plum BlossomWhite GardeniaCranberry IceSicilian LemonAngels WingsCranberry PearCappuchino Truffle(Soft Blanket isn’t in the picture as it’s currently burning)

CarolinaBE says:

Amazing scents, lovely candles What a wonderful sample set. I don’t agree with some people opinions that they all smell the same. Not at all!They burn at a nice pace and last for couple of days (the first one I tested lasted 3 days, the second one is burning 5th day and still going). The smells are really lovely and depending on the scent they differ in intensity.For example, the fruity one lingered around for a long time and was rather intensive (I could smell it on the staircase before even entering my room!)…

MR & MRS M says:

Amazing bundle of beautiful fragrances It was like Christmas morning when these arrived! Amazing value! Amazing bundle! Got 15 different fragrances. I purchased in the spring and got mainly spring and summer fresh, floral and fruity fragrances, all different. It was great to try some fragrances I wouldn’t normally buy myself but still enjoyed. Nothing quite compares to Yankee candle quality and they are completely worth every penny! Even just a votive has a fragrance filling the room and lingers the next morning. Only problem is…

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